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11 янв. 2012 г.

Обновления сети контактов LinkedIn, 11.01.2012

Обновления сети контактов, 4 янв. - 11 янв.
Обновления от Вашей расширенной сети
Свяжитесь с ними, чтобы посмотреть, что они делают
Luis Araujo http://lnkd.in/_ziXjU
Why spotting influencers is good business
Companies are finding a goldmine of valuable information by mapping networks of influence -- both inside and outside their organizations.
Nigel Yarna Came across this while looking ahead for my 2012 CE readings. Was actually mentioned in context of forecasting growth rates for DCF modelling.
Wiley: Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation
The Financial Principles Every Venture Capitalist Needs To Master In Andrew Metrick’s Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation, future and current venture capitalists will find a useful guide to the principles of finance...
Aneesa Dattadeen "Motivation is in the mind; follow-through is in the practice" Recommended read - some good advice
Your Problem Isn't Motivation - Forbes
"Peter," my friend Byron emailed me a few days ago. "I haven't been diligent about working out over the past five years and I'm trying to get back in the gym and get myself into a healthier state. I've found that on my quest...
Lawrence Tam (@spooon) I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/gMdVZLed pm 100 day replay jan 12, 2012 через Twitter
pm 100 day replay jan 12, 2012
А что насчет этих людей? Turkmenmarket Command
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