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14 июн. 2010 г.

Today, at a choice Business - partners in the Central Asia, preference give the Neutral State - Turkmenistan! Why?

Today, at a choice Business - partners in the Central Asia, preference give the Neutral State - Turkmenistan! Why?

 In a few words we shall try to tell about why cooperation in Central Asia with Turkmenistan is preferable.

(In the text there can be mistakes {errors}.The body text in Russian.)


 First of all, it would be desirable to remind all - Turkmenistan, it not simply sovereign and independent State, but, still - Neutral, officially recognized by the United Nations!

 It would be desirable to express Huge gratitude to our Dear President - Berdymukhamedov G.M. and the Government of Turkmenistan, that at present, here already more than 3 years, Turkmenistan lives during an epoch of "REVIVAL"!

 In Turkmenistan more increasing  and more branches and representations of the Foreign companies open. Free converting of currency has enabled without problems to our businessmen to do business in the external economic market. Practically all the State organizations have the  Internet-sites. On pages of our Information site http://turkmenbusiness.info, we try to add constantly links to the most useful the Internet-resources of Turkmenistan.


 On coast of Caspian Sea there is a grandiose construction of the Tourist complex “AWAZA” where under the personal control of Our Dear President, bases of rest were stretched, hotels and all necessary.

 What for to go to have a rest far? When there is near at hand all necessary!


 We invite to visit {attend} Turkmenistan and our "Pearl" on Caspian Sea!

 And here still the reason why to us Businessmen go, Tourists and simply curious!


 Unlike many other things the states, in the Central Asia (we make before them apologies) - in Turkmenistan, personally I (and ALL!), I can it is absolutely safe walk at any time. Though at me the Black belt on Karate and the Instructor on Hand-to-hand Fight and struggle of the Ju-jitsu, it to me is perfect {absolute} to what. Gangster’s and any is not present hooliganism!


Than other countries of Central Asia cannot "boast".



We invite!

Participate in exhibitions of our remarkable Exposition Center. Visit museums, take a walk simply on streets of capital and other cities. At us always warmly! And in the summer, even, hotly!


 And, remember, Turkmenistan can boast not only Gas and Oil, at Us magnificent, well-known for the whole world, carpets of manual job. A carpet to buy {purchase} and take out from Turkmenistan - without problems! It is a lot of souvenirs and jewels which bear  in itself national "colour"!


We are always glad to the new acquaintances, new partners on business cooperation.

If wish something {something else} to learn {find out} about Turkmenistan, write to us on e-mail info@ashbiz.net  or turkmenbusiness@mail.ru  


With Respect,

Sincerely, yours






(99366) 083210. Phone for communication {connection} in Russian, for other languages is better to use e-mail.


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