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24 мая 2010 г.

The business offer for the companies which deliver the various goods On the market of Turkmenistan.

The business offer for the companies which deliver the various goods
On the market of Turkmenistan.
To this page the additional information page about your company, the
goods will be made, the form of a feedback (all our visitors can send
the order or the offer on your e-mail), we shall establish {install} a
trade mark and 2-4 photos, we shall specify all your contact phones,
an e-mail address and the address of yours the Internet-site. If for
you is available RSS inform its{her} address, and we shall
establish{install} a special code where in an automatic mode your news
will be broadcast!
Cost of jobs: For businessmen and firms of Turkmenistan - 200 manat,
for the Foreign companies at a rate of 100 EUROS. But it is possible
to pay in any currency at the international rate concerning to 100
If there will be questions, ask to send them to us by e-mail from page
CONTACTS or call (99366 083210, (99312 327787
If will call in territory of Turkmenistan - 8-0066-083210, 8-0065-680945,
We hope, that your expenses for creation of Information page for this
site can quickly pay back. In fact it still not all!
Besides we shall establish {install} the information on your goods and
services, on our corporate site http://turkmenbusiness.info and we
shall expose on the Internet - the Show-window
http://turkmenbusiness.tiu.ru ! And also we shall publish in Blog
TURKMENBUSINESS24. http://turkmenbusiness24.blogspot.com
Will agree, that for this small sum we make a complex of jobs!
We ask to consider also, that we constantly untwist the sites and our
visitors not only from Turkmenistan, and also from Russia and the CIS
countries, the Europe and Asia, America and Africa. So, the circle of
your potential partners can increase each time. And more, at all
exhibitions which pass {take place} in Turkmenistan, on each
exposition always there are our invitations.
To make the order, it is necessary for you: to send by e-mail the
Letter of guarantee that you agree to pay, specify there, in what
currency will pay also in what way (through the Internet or bank
translation {transfer}). If through the Internet our requisites are
specified on this site. In case of bank translation {transfer} - we
shall inform our bank bills. To your letter attach files (the text
with the information in your language with the instruction
{indication} of your coordinates and other contacts - e-mail addresses
and the Internet-site, phone numbers and the post address, a graphic
trade mark, 2-4 photos or pictures).
After we have established {installed} the information and you to us
have paid, you can send usual mail fair brochures (up to 100 pieces),
desktop accessories {belongings} with your trade mark, catalogues of
the prices. Our agents will distribute your prospectuses on the large
commercial and state organizations of Ashkhabad. This job costs
{stands} 50 EUROS. For the companies of Turkmenistan - 100 manat.
Our command can become your official representative! On this
interrogation, please send us your offer, also by e-mail
With Respect,


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