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27 янв. 2010 г.

The dear Companies of the Great Britain, the USA, of the Europe and of Asia !

"TURKMENBUSINESS command welcomes you and offers close and mutually advantageous cooperation.


We assist in promotion of the goods, services and Trade marks on the market of Turkmenistan.


Our first offer:


We can create for your firm Special page with your name on Our site


http://www.turkmenbusiness.info .


On this page we shall establish the Information on the company, a trade mark, 2-3 photos, contacts (WEB, E-mail, Phone), and the most important – the Form of the Feedback are possible.


All visitors of our site can, without our participation, send you e-mail directly from this page!


If for you is available BLOG and RSS we shall establish on them the link. And the special code will allow to publish automatically in real time news from your tape RSS!


The information will be established on your, native, language. But on page we shall establish the translator. That any visitor can familiarize with the established information in the language!


Right after it, we shall establish your trade mark and a brief information on the Internet-show-window  http://turkmenbusiness.tiu.ru .


Simultaneously the information on your enterprise will be here:









All this job will be to cost it is not a lot of, all 100EUR. To pay it is possible in any currency at the rate of to 100 EUR at the rate.


We work without the ADVANCE PAYMENT!


If you were interested with our offer, you send (in any language convenient for you) by e-mail order@turkmenbusiness.info and necessarily copy here


Ashgabat-turkmenistan@Rambler.ru The letter of guarantee on payment (we shall send bank requisites to you), and also attach files with the information on the company, a picture of a trade mark, 2-3 photos.


After reception from you letters we make all job and we inform you. You, within 3 days pay.


In the further if want, usual mail send catalogues, fair brochures, writing and desktop accessories with your trade mark and the sample of the contract of conditions of delivery of the goods or conditions of performance of services (job).


We also can conclude with you the Contract on rendering of representation services in territory of Turkmenistan for your company. For this purpose your sample of the contract with the instruction of concrete kinds of our duties and the sum of wages of week or of month also is necessary.


P.S. Under favorable conditions we can create the Internet-site for the market of Turkmenistan or make a site 3 levels about such www.YOUR-NAME.turkmenbusiness.info or www.turkmenbusiness.info/YOUR-NAME  or messages blog with your name of type www.YOUR-NAME-TM.blogspot.com


Yours faithfully,


Sincerely yours,




Embassy of the USA in Turkmenistan




Embassy of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Turkmenistan


http://ukinturkmenistan.fco.gov.uk beasb@online.tm


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